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Bridging the gap between Cape Town and Europe! 
This is how we could summarize the motivation that led to the creation of Capsun Distribution. 

After 3 years spent in South Africa in the Cape region, we had the privilege to discover an extraordinary country, region, cultures and people. 

The city of Cape Town and its region combine varied and spectacular landscapes with exhilarating nature. Caught between land and sea, this part of South Africa is contagious with dynamism and creativity. Many small creative businesses flourish here, providing the region with rich and varied sources of activity. 

Driven by passion and a spirit of initiative, many are those who try the adventure of starting their own business in the field of handicrafts, creation, design or fashion.Cape Town is also brimming with art galleries, artists of all kinds, skilled craftsmen and many coffee shops and restaurants that compete in creativity and attractive designs. 

This combination makes this city one of the most attractive to discover.Contacted by this entrepreneurial spirit, the desire has grown within us to support and make our small contribution to a few creative, passionate and motivated "Captonians". 

Thus took shape the idea to create Capsun Distribution. Capsun was born to offer you exclusive artworks directly imported from Cape Town through our online shops capsun-art & capsunshop.

Feel free to contact us for any suggestions or questions related to our activities.

David & Corinne Bonvin